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  "Aye you thinking of killing us all?!"  

tales from the lodge

Added 12th September 2019

Review by: Martin Tranter

Tales From The Lodge

Released in 2019

Tales From The Lodge

A group of middle-aged friends gather at a remote lodge to honour a friend who recently drowned in a nearby lake. With emotions running high, everyone makes the most of a gloomy situation by celebrating the best way they know how: swapping silly, scary stories that would have earned a giggle from their dearly departed pal.


Urban legends about a masked slasher, a paranormal ghost hunt and a post-apocalyptic wasteland soon lose their fun shock value as the sextet become stuck in a true terror tale that exposes dark secrets no one could have possibly foreseen.

Some friendships never die.

Tales From The Lodge is one of those movies that have a larger plot interspersed with little tales that are told by different characters.

As the synopsis states a bunch of mates come together to send off a true friend of theirs. The group set-up is three different couples and they are linked more than you know as the film progresses.

It is a tradition that when they are together they tell stories to each other and these segments are shown with different actors in between the main plot of the friends at the house. These are quite enjoyable stories on their own and Vegas’s story is a very comedic zombie tale and is by far the best of them.

The cast is a host of British TV and comedy talent with Laura Fraser and Kelly Wenham making the most of their roles especially the latter.

As you can expect with a film with Johnny Vegas on the cast list there are some very funny one-liners and put downs. There is also a lot of dry and sarcastic humour in this script which could have fleshed out the main characters a bit more rather than just by reveals.

The main plot is quite well done and has a couple of turns, some over the top, but a funny ending makes it go out with a laugh.


Tales From The Lodge is a fun movie with campfire style stories

mixed in!


Starring: Mackenzie Crook, Laura Fraser, Sophie Thompson,

Johnny Vegas, Kelly Wenham, Dustin Demri-Burns

Director: Abigail Blackmore


Tales From The Lodge received its European Premiere at 

Arrow Frightfest 2019 . For further updates keep and eye on

The B Club or check out the official Facebook page HERE.

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tales from the lodge
tale from the lodge
tales from the lodge
tales from the lodge
tales from the lodge
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