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  "She said “Don’t go down”!"  


Added 3rd September 2019

Review by: Martin Tranter


Released in 2019


A special operations squad known in secret elite circles as Hell's Bastards is sent to infiltrate a civil war in order to retrieve vital intelligence.


The crack unit soon finds themselves trapped on a never-ending, twisting and turning stairwell, which they are forced to climb - or they will die.


To survive, they must revisit past sins and take important steps if they ever want to get off the staircase to nowhere.

Stairs is West Midland Directors Tom Paton’s fourth film and is a violent horror thriller with a time travel vibe. The opening is very bloody and is set in a war zone where elite soldiers are taking out a foreign unit looking for Intel. Here is where they find a hostage and actions they take have dire repercussions later.


Shot in a POV sniper view, all the field work camera work is coloured in hues of blues and greens. All of the actions in this segment are related back to numerous times throughout the movie and the scene plays over and over depending on the unit’s decisions.

When they return to do their mission debrief the unit are trapped on never-ending stairs and having to re-visit the scenes from earlier in the film to try and escape their hell and from whatever or whomever is on the stairs.

The plot of this film is engaging and it does leave you wondering who will survive and curious as to how they can get out of their predicament.

Viewers may lose a bit of interest when it keeps showing the same scene but this also shows how the characters are feeling having to keep going through the motions. One character even references Back to The Future 2 as a comparison.

Stairs, a bloody redemption seeking movie and a good British horror.



Starring: Shayne Ward, Toby Osmond, Simon Meacock,

Rachel Warren, Samantha Schnitzler, 

Director: Tom Paton


Stairs received its World Premiere at Arrow Frightfest 2019

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