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Added 12th June 2018


Initially released in 2016, Spidarlings tells the story of Matilda and her sleazy job in a men-only nightclub, Juicy Girls, which is causing problems with her lesbian lover Eden. But they have no choice as they are two years behind on rent and their Landlord is threatening eviction.


Matilda hates her job, and the suffocating attention from one particularly obsessed, unhinged customer. But all attempts at borrowing money and claiming benefits have failed. They are desperate for a solution, especially when a brutal serial-killer begins hideously murdering the working girls at the club.


A horrific opportunity gives Matilda stolen cash, but the only way to pacify Eden is to let her buy a powerful tarantula spider named Rainer, which changes their lives forever!

Spidarlings, a Great British musical with a definite difference! From the classy opening credits and quality tune blaring out of the surround sound system (definitely needed for this project!), the scene is set and expectations are high......but achieved? Thankfully, in a fashion......the answer is bizarrely yes! But not in the way you'd expect.

OBVIOUSLY filmed with an incredibly low budget, Spidarlings may lack quality in certain areas, but its shortfalls are more than made up where it matters.

Firstly, there's the tunes, the majority of which are written for any fan of "Funny Girls" in Blackpool or Eurovision (just not a UK entry, apparently), giving off a very European toe tapping experience. Then there's the miming, epically bad on some occasions (Mariah and Britney watch out!), however, this is not meant as critical, in fact without, the songs may not deliver the epic levels that are achieved.  

Secondly, the stunning animation, combined with the equally toe tapping score, surely belongs on a project with a much higher budget.......surely? #FavoursCalledIn.

Spidarlings is a bit of fun, not nearly as controversial as it's trailer makes out, maybe 20-30 minutes too long.....but if shorter, which song or songs to drop? "In, out, in, out, in, out........".



Starring: Sophia Disgrace, Rahel Kapsaski, Lee Mark Jones,

Jeff Kristian, Soozi Chameleone, Tiffaney Wells, Victor Sobchak, Kjell De Kerpel, Lynn Ruth Miller, Daria Bulygina

Special Appearance: Rusty Goffe, June Brown, Toshio Maeda,

Lloyd Kaufman

Director: Salem Kapsaski

Spidarlings is currently available via TromaNow, FREE on a

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And coming to Blu-Ray July 10th.

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