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Released in 2006, a meteorite crashes into a small town, the contents of which infect a local man, Grant Grant.  Eventually having lied to his to wife Starla, Grant is forced to go into hiding after his actions and obvious mutation into a grotesque slug like creature.  Overpowering local girl, Brenda, he infects and hides her away until the time is right to unleash, the Slithers.

The local police department, lead by Sheriff Bill Pardy, witnesses to Grant's transformation, become concerned over Brenda's disappearance and mysterious deaths of the towns livestock.


Grant's plan for Brenda becomes apparent when the Slithers are unleashed, intent on taking over the towns folk, turning them into mindless Zombies.

Will the town be saved?  What is Grant's end game, if he is still Grant? 

Slithers sounds like the perfect B-Movie, a great cast, good comedy moments and excellent effects however, cannot help save what could and should have been a classic. 

An obvious inspiration for this film is Cronenberg's 1975 hit "Shivers", where Slither like creatures infect a local town and turn them into "Sex Zombies", why was this opportunity missed?  Instead, what we end up with is a typical zombie film that we've seen a hundred times before.


What could have been....


Starring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker

Special Appearance: Rob Zombie, Lloyd Kaufman

Director: James Gunn

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