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Released in 2017, Five friends in a private jet make their way from New York to Los Angeles, to attend the latest movie premier of Vin Diesel and to paaarty!

Mid-flight, they experience a mysterious loss of electrical power and also discover they have an unwanted stowaway on-board, who warns them not attempt to land the plane, at gun point. It soon becomes apparent that some sort of disaster has taken place on the ground, but what? Will they be able to land? And how much fuel do they have to stay………Skybound?


Skybound is a slick production. Early into the movie the effects, characters (quite a cast for a B!) and general story are enough to grab your attention.


With almost the entire film taking place within the confines of a small plane and such a small set, a lot of effort has to be put in to keep you entertained. With the tension slowly rising and the uncertainty of what has occurred, this movie does try and just about manages to keep you interested.......just.

A worthy watch just so you can get to the end, no spoilers as always with The B Club, however, it is either genius writing or an incredible oversight, hopefully it is the former, that leaves you with many questions unanswered.

Possibility of a sequel? We'll see.


Starring: Rick Cosnett, Scarlett Byrne, Gavin Stenhouse, Morten Suurballe

Director: Alex Tavakolis

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