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Skeleton Cop

Added 26th March 2019

Review by: Sam Salerno

Skeleton Cop

Released in 2019,

Skeleton Cop (Runtime 32 mins)

Skeleton Cop has a bone to pick with crime. The loose cannon cop gets partnered with a by the books detective. Can this odd pairing overcome their differences in time? Or will the Evil Ninja Hang take over the city?


Justice has a new crusader, Skeleton Cop.


Skeleton Cop has one of the stupidest opening scenes of all time. And that is a huge compliment. Skeleton Cop stops a robbery in the most skeleton cop way possible, coming in all guns blazing and firing way more shots than he needs to. Sure it’s stupid, the effects are downright terrible, and the main protagonist is literally a cheap-looking skeleton prop that can barely move and can’t talk, but its supposed to be stupid.


This is a B movie if there ever was one. While skeleton cop is good at stopping crime, he has a reputation for killing the perps instead of simply apprehending them, which angers his boss. He gets partnered a detective who is a bit of a bigot. He hates skeletons.


The unlikely pair set out to take on an evil crime ring. I don’t want to spoil the identity of the crime ring, but let’s just say its one of the most random and ridiculous things you will ever see.

Most of the movie is really over the top, fun comedy, but there is a sort of emotional moment that comes out of nowhere. The juxtaposition was hilarious. Technically the movie wasn’t great, the audio was not very good (one character only speaks in really obvious ADR), and it looks like it was shot on a cell phone, but it all works. It’s not as if somebody watching a film called “Skeleton Cop” cares about production quality. The film is funny and enjoyable so who cares if its not perfect?

Skeleton Cop
Skeleton Cop
Skeleton Cop
Skeleton Cop


Starring: Rico Bauthier, Karyn Skylar Boyer, Rick Davis, John Maslowski, Keith Munden, Gumby Grimwood, Chad Knauer

Director: Chad Knauer

This review is published from viewing a raw screener, SKELETON COP is set to be released on DVD, for more information check out the official social media pages;


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