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Added 14th August 2018

Show Yourself

Initially released in 2016 (festivals), Show Yourself, when his friend Paul dies unexpectedly, Travis heads into the woods with Paul's ashes, to a say his final goodbye.

As Travis deals with his grief and the way it has affected the relationships in his life, he starts to realize that he actually might not be alone in the woods.


Curiosity turns to horror as Travis comes face-to-face with something both inexplicable and frighteningly familiar.

Show Yourself, he came to let go, something won't let him go.

Premiering at the prestigious Bruce Campbell's Horror Festival in 2016, Show Yourself has been a long time coming for it's digital release, is it worth the wait? In short, the answer is yes.....just.


Although not ground breaking writer and director Billy Ray Brewton offers a "horror" story that after it's initial slow start, develops into a creepy and quite eerie tale.

The fan of the "normal" horror genre may be disappointed due to the lack of general..........well horror. What is portrayed on the screen is the story of a young man, torn and conflicted with his feelings for his lost buddy Paul, friends and current relationship, trying to cope alone in the woods, with his trusty laptop and mobile phone being his only connection to the outside world.

Ben Hethcoat's (Travis) amicable solo performance throughout the majority of the feature, is just about enough to keep you focused and hold your attention as the story and truth unfolds to it's confusing ending.

Show Yourself, a pretty descent horror, a better drama......horrama.   


Starring: Ben Hethcoat, Corsica Wilson, Clancy McCartney,

Barak Hardley, Stephen Cone, David McElwee, Robert Longstreet 

Director: Billy Ray Brewton

Show Yourself available now on DVD and VOD;


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