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Added 18th November 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

Scattered Night - LKFF19

Scattered Night - London Korean Film Festival 2019

Scattered Night and the LONDON KOREAN FILM FESTIVAL 2019

Set in Seoul, South Korea, ‘Scattered Night,’ tells the story of two children who have been told that their parents are separating. What follows is the story of how this affects both children and what happens when the youngest child, daughter Sumin is given a choice.

The debut co-directors Sol Kim and Jihyoung Lee, ‘Scattered Night,’ was the closing film of the London Korean Film Festival 2019, which was set in London’s oldest cinema, the Regent Street Cinema.


As part of the Festival, this film is very well chosen. Clearly zero budget, the film is a debut feature and formed part of the Director’s MA project! The camera work is therefore solid, and in places ambitious with some lovely choreographed long shots.

The little star of the film, however has to be Seung-ah Moon, who plays the daughter, whose on screen charisma is matched by a talent which promises much if she chooses to act when she gets older.

As a narrative, ‘Shattered Night,’ is more of a moral debate about modern divorce and how it affects children, but it is sensitively made and a lot of sincerity and effort has gone into the film. The script is polished and naturalistic, and although this is basically a four hander between the children and their parents, it’s engaging. Anyone who has been a child in this situation will really relate to this film, and as a comment on the sometimes-harsh modern age we live in, it serves to remind that the threat of family breakdown is never far away due to the fractured way in which families in cities live.

It was a great way to end the London Korean Film Festival, which celebrates the films of that most modern of countries, South Korea, and this year celebrated 100 years of cinema. Famous for having produced some great film makers, with modern classic films such as Okja (2017) and Old Boy (2003) to name a couple, Korea is a country whose films are worth following.


Meanwhile, let’s hope ‘Scattered Night,’ gets a release after its Festival honours, and next year? Check out the LKFF2020, you’ll be glad you did.


Starring: Joon-Woo Choi and Seung-ah Moon

Directors: Sol Kim, Jihyoung Lee 


The B Club saw ‘Scattered Night’ at the Regent Cinema, in central London, one of London’s premiere spots for independent and repertory film. Check out for showtimes and films from all over the world. 


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