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Added 12th October 2018

Round Trip

Released in 2018 - 6 minutes


On a mysterious dirt road in the harsh yet beautiful Australian outback, Ned Williams (Lee Priest), a beast with a dark side, is trying to escape authority and Constable Rose (Danny Bolt), a true blue honest bloke, just trying to get out of the desert without being shot, run over - or eaten.

Round Trip, at just 6 minutes long, a true spoiler free review is difficult enough, you then add the awesomeness of the experience, well it's impossible to transcribe the joy of viewing this epic short!

Lost and confused during the early stages, we then become even more baffled at the ongoing on screen shenanigans, and then with the click of a switch, clarity!


Round Trip is a short of great quality, even more so considering the length......six.....yes that's just six action packed minutes, perfectly cast, perfectly shot........a perfect 6 minutes?



Starring: Lee Priest, Danny Bolt

Director: Ren Thackham

Round Trip recently featured at this year's Grimmfest and is currently on the festival tour.


Check out the Official Facebook page HERE for more information.

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