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Ropes - Prey

Added 3rd January 2021

Review by: Martin Tranter

Ropes (AKA Prey) / Cordes

Released in 2020

Ropes (Spanish, English subtitles) 

With the sorrow for her sister’s death still very recent, Elena, a young quadriplegic, has retired to a country house along with her father. There she has the help of Athos, a Belgian shepherd specially trained to help her. But the creature who is supposed to be her best friend has contracted a strange disease... and has turned into her worst enemy.

A  paralyzed girl. A rabid carer dog. A duel to the death for survival

Elena, a quadriplegic caused by a car crash, is very troubled by guilt as she was the driver that also caused the death of her sister. Elena and her father move to a house that is still being renovated to help with her condition. In tow, is the family dog, Athos, who has been trained to look after Elena, including using ropes to open doors.

Events take a turn for the worst when Athos becomes rabid.

Now there will be obvious comparisons to Stephen King’s “Cujo”, but Ropes has some nice touches of its own. The obvious being that the prey is a quadriplegic making viewers wonder how Elena is going to escape, creating viewer frustration when her character feels the same.

Elena is played extremely well by Paula Del Rio, who whilst trying to escape Athos, also portrays a character with such emotion as she also deals with demons and suicidal tendencies.

Ropes is full of tension and keeps the viewer rooting for Elena until the end even though her character is not very likeable to begin with. The Director also does a particularly good job of showing the changes in Athos the Belgium Shepherd throughout, from loyal companion to rabid nightmare.......there is also a pesky ferret to watch out for!


Ropes - A Claustrophobic Tension Filled Canine Nightmare!



Starring: Paula Del Rio, Miguel Angel Jenner, Jordi Aguilar, Espiona

Director: Jose Luis Montesinos

Ropes received its UK Premier at the EPIC Grimmfest 2020 festival and won Best Feature and Best Actress (Paula Del Rio) awards.

Ropes is available online, including via Amazon and iTunes.

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