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rock paper and scissors

Added 23rd August 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Rock, Paper And Scissors (AKA Piedra, Papel Y Tijera)

Released in 2019

Rock, Paper And Scissors

Jesus and Maria José live together in a house that belonged to their recently deceased father. Uninvited their half sister Magdalena, returns from Spain asking for her share of the inheritance.


Not wanting to split their share or sell the house, a series of deadly and sick games commence where it won’t be easy to define who has the rock, the paper or the scissors.

Rock, Paper And Scissors, a very dark comedy horror/thriller shot entirely in the confines of a house. With this detail, surely the cast and crew would have their work cut out to keep you entertained for a full length feature.....?

Thankfully Rock, Paper And Scissors does exactly that with a quirky story, quirky cutaways and very quirky and intriguing characters.

The story, sibling rivalry at it's deadliest finest. but who's on top, who's playing who, which road will it take you down and who's going to feel the misery of defeat......keeps you guessing until the end.

The cutaways, very odd, perfectly timed, executed and provide a welcome escape (unknown at the time), of the reality of the claustrophobic surrounds for the non-Spanish speaking viewer, who may be concentrating that little bit more on the intriguing and entertaining dialogue.

Then there's the characters, the pièce de résistance, the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Perfectly cast with somehow all THREE cast members reaching out of the screen and yanking you into their wacky world following them down the yellow brick road, to the weird and wonderful world of Oz.

Rock, Paper And Scissors, a delightful feature (did I mention quirky) and a real surprise of Arrow FrightFest, surprisingly suitable for both the stage and screen.

A Gem!

rock, paper and scissors
rock paper and scissors
rock paper and scissors


Starring: Valeria Giorcelli, Agustina Cerviño and Pablo Sigal

Directors: Macarena García Lenzi, Martín Blousson


Rock, Paper and Scissors received its World Premiere at

Arrow Frightfest 2019

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