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Released in 2018, Ramekin, an innocent porcelain inanimate object? You would think so? And so does Emily, a college girl living in New York, fed up with house sharing becomes the sole occupier of a spacious Upper West Side apartment, courtesy of her recently deceased grandmother.

Shorty after moving in she encounters strange goings on with her delicate little "friend", starting with its ability to teleport, play her favourite music and manifest goodies, to physically moving and then communication.

Slowly but surely, the Ramekins power grows and it begins take control of Emily's life...........and possibly more.

Ramekin, ONE girl, one cup.

So, a story of an apparently possessed cup? Why not? We've seen it work before with the likes of Quentin Dupieux's Rubber (a tyre) and the classic Tales That Witness Madness (a tree trunk), so why not a ramekin?


However, does such a small insignificant object have enough oomph, or even character to hold the attention of the viewer for nearly 70 minutes.........? Thankfully the answer is a definite YES!

Character progression is critical on a project like Ramekin and although we have this in abundance with Emily, the relationship that develops between her and the Ramekin is caught perfectly in this micro budget movie.

How the cast and crew grab your attention and then take you on an emotional journey over a piece of pottery, really is incredible. Put that together with the sleek look and quality of audio in the movie, it's winner winner chicken dinner.....just not microwaved in the ramekin, that could be very unforgiving.

Ramekin, you'll laugh and cry, you'll cringe and squeal, but more'll never wash the pots angrily again!


Don't miss out! 



Starring: Jamie Saunders, Adriano La Rocca, Renee Adrienne Vito, Danielia Maximillian, Jason La Penta


Director: Cody Clarke

Ramekin is currently seeking a distributor, for more information see;


or contact @RamekinFilm

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