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Q The Winged Serpent

Released in 1982, Q The Winged Serpent was unleashed on the general public.

Set in New York, detectives Shepard and Powell are already investigating a series of ritual murders when reports come in of a giant lizard terrorizing the city.  Joking turns to horror once the winged serpent starts to devour the residents of New York.

Thus the hunt begins for this mythological creature.  Where is the beast hiding out?  By chance, a local crook, Jimmy Quinn, becomes the only person in the city to discover the creatures lair.


Will Jimmy reveal the secret location?  Will detectives Shepard and Powell solve their case and find out the truth behind the murders?  Will they even survive the inevitable battle?


Any fan of Larry Cohen, or indeed David Carradine will indeed enjoy this movie.  Cohen is a master of the B-Movie style and has delivered a very enjoyable film. With a great performance by one of Cohen's obvious favourites, Michael Moriarty, pretty decent effects (way behind it's time), only slightly lacking in the horror deparment, however this is a well worthy watch.


Starring: David Carradine, Richard Roundtree, Michael Moriarty

Special Appearance: John Capodice

Director: Larry Cohen

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