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Pushed Too Far

Added 30th April 2019

Pushed Too Far

Released in 2019 (Runtime 10 mins 27 secs)

Pushed Too Far


Thomas returns home from the army after witnessing tragic events, and suffering with post traumatic stress disorder after his wife leaves him he goes on a downward spiral turning to alcohol and drugs and things take an unfortunate turn.


This film is to raise awareness on post traumatic stress disorder drugs, alcohol and suicide.

Pushed Too Far, a short film that will not be reviewed by The B Club.


When a feature with such a powerful message to deliver is released, the message is the important detail, not what in truth is a meaningless rating.

Watch the full feature via YouTube HERE, or linked below, surely you can spare 10 minutes 27 seconds of your time?

Help is avaiable:


Text Samaritans on 116 123

Contact Mind PTSD on 0178 856 0800

Talk to Frank on 0300 123 66 00

Pushed Too Far

Starring: Mike J Stevenson, Amanda Hickie, Jay Catalano,

Kaleem Shazad, Stephen W Spencer, Michelle Powell,

Sophie Hickie

Director: Ross Heath, Chris John Livermore

Text Samaritans on 116 123
Mind PTSD 017885 60800
Talk to Frank 0300 123 66 00
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