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Puppet Killer

Added 1st December 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Puppet Killer

Released in 2019

Puppet Killer

Jamie's mother was obsessed with 1980's horror films and passed that love on to her son and his favourite puppet, Simon. After her unfortunate death through natural causes, Jamie's father remarried, however after his stepmothers mysteriously disappears both father and son decided to abandon their family home, leaving Simon behind.


Many years later Jamie returns to the remote cabin in the woods with a group of high school friends to party over the Christmas break.

Unfortunately for them, Simon isn't too keen on sharing Jamie with his new group of friends.

For any regulars to The B Club, it comes as no surprise that we have been eagerly awaiting the release of Puppet Killer, ever since our EPIC interview with Director Lisa Ovies, with the star of the show Simon even donning our home page. With a post production story worthy of its own feature, the day they said would never happen is upon us.......... Simon's been unleashed upon the masses..........but is the wait worth it?

Our first introduction to Simon is rather quite heart warming and heart breaking as we see the doomed relationship with Jamie and his mother develop.......all with Simon at hand. But don't panic, the "normal" doesn't last long as we soon descend into the madness of the 80's slasher movie homage promised.

An Oscar winning performance is delivered by Simon, as one by one he picks off his hapless victims in true, over the top and extreme 

slasher style, definitely influenced by some of the greats with one or two awesome unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure! Speaking of Oscars, the cast, incredible bonding and character portrayal, who incidentally, we have either missed the brief of Jamie and his friends being held back in high school for several, several years or the cast have been perfectly chosen to play their much younger characters in truly hilarious fashion.

Puppet Killer is a blast, providing an abundance of jumpscares, being very creative with the practical, full on, gore galore effects and delivering not only what was promised, an 80's slasher homage, but a true classic of it's own accord in the making.

Wake up Freddy, back off Jason, Michael just disappear for the other 364 days and as for Chucky, I'm afraid this is the end for you my friend.


There's a new guy in town, and he's cute, pink, got the skills to kill and the potential to have enough merchandise to make Lucas envious. 

Puppet Killer
puppet killer
puppet killer
puppet killer



Starring: Aleks Paunovic, Lee Majdoub, Lisa Durupt, Kyle Cassie Richard Harmon, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Geoff Gustafson

Special Appearance: Jessica Cameron

Director: Lisa Ovies

Puppet Killer is currently on the festival tour, check out the official Facebook page for the latest information.

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