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Psycho Ape!

Added 15th August 2021
Review by: Shaun Jackson

Psycho Ape!

Released in 2020

Psycho Ape!

A killer gorilla escapes from a Detroit Zoo and goes on a murdering spree. Psycho Ape! is a DIY, micro-budget , gore-illa filmmaking, gore-fest that parodies dozens of movies!

Psycho Ape! (Albers) The incredulous story of a man-like ape going on an ape shit killing spree from Detroit to New York City with almost everyone he meets coming to a grizzly mostly banana fashion! On his love quest, obvious, courtesy of the delightful Nancy Banana (Bowling), he's tracked all the way by the intrepid Dr. ZOOmis (Weeden)......what a, beast, love interest.....some of it sound familiar?

Well sounding is where the similarities end, for Psycho Ape! is unlike any other crazy ape movie that has preceded this EPIC adventure. Firstly, the story.....this will warp your mind.....looking for it! No real story here, just a man ape.....or a mape, doing as much damage as possible in random locations, unto random victims, armed with an infinite amount of banana ammo, ending with it's own style of and as expected Empire State building scene........WOAH you say! A spoiler? Really!? Come on, it's a mape in NYC, it's not like a scene has been stolen from A Nighmare On Elm Street........oops!

Psycho Ape! is a blast of movie using randomly shot and collated scenes from a willing cast ("hey, this is Addison, wanna be in a movie...?), excellent (and not so excellent) green screen, random and delightful comedic moments.........edited and coloured to perfection! We're even rewarded with a Psycho Ape! rap....what more do you want? Oh, and of course there's Matthew the Rampant Collie.......THE STAR OF THE SHOW!

We see your Kong and your Planet Of The Apes, and raise you one self proclaimed "dumbest, cheapest one of them all..." - Psycho Ape............

it's bananas!


It does however leave us with one question that divides the world............Toy Story or Ratatouille.......?

psycho ape
Psycho Ape!
psycho ape
psycho ape!


Starring: Kansas Bowling, Bill Weeden, Stephen Albers

Director: Addison Binek

Special Appearance: Greg DeLiso, Addison Binek, Matthew the Collie, The Naked Cowboy

Psycho Ape! is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, DVD's also available from HERE.

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