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Pretty Bonnets

Added 4th October 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Pretty Bonnets

Released in 2020 (Runtime 15 minutes)

Pretty Bonnets

Once upon a time, nowadays. Baby-wear couturier Christine has sold her home to open, but when three bungling burglars break-in and the police won’t come, Christine has to go alone and stop them.

Pretty Bonnets, a British short offering a humorous tale on a serious problem in the UK, cuts in the Metropolitan Police Force.

This cheerful fairytale follows Christine, who's life is just about to take a turn for the worse on the eve of opening her new business venture, As tension builds, accompanied by some pretty epic over the top and dramatic 20's style piano, a security camera picks up every movement of the fiendish burglars, with Christine forced to take matters into her own hands as the police just don't have the resources to attend.


Thankfully for Christine, the burglars are more than capable of making a hash of their attempted robbery, in true British hilarious style.


A quality production with excellent performances make Pretty Bonnets a very enjoyable experience, surely worth 15 minutes of anyone's time.


Starring: Goldy Notay, Sharon Facinelli, Becky Black,

Clifford Hume, Sacha Mandel, Rich Keeble, Mark Lyminster,

Taryn Kay, Emelie Sarrami

Director: Mick Dow

Pretty Bonnets is currently on the festival tour, keep up to date with the latest info from The B Club or check out the official Facebook page HERE.

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Pretty Bonnets
Pretty Bonnets
Pretty Bonnets
Pretty Bonnets
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