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Added 28th April 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster


Released in 2018


The near future: Society is run in an orderly fashion which promotes psychological well-being as well a high productivity from all members of society, by the way of retinal attachments, which turn everyone’s eyes blue.  


So when memories start to surface in both James and partner Samantha’s minds that neither understand, of previous love affairs and rather scary moments that don’t seem to relate to their current lives, it sets off a trail in both which throws them further into the past and unravels events no one should ever have to face.


However, when it also reveals that their a society is based on a control and corruption that’s black to the core, it launches a battle for survival, which if they win will free everyone.

Precognition - App for Life

Hopping around time frames in the near future, and looking at love relationships as well as state control, ‘Precognition’ is an ambitious project from writer/director/editor and FX guy Luke Tedder.


By and large the film works, but misses being brilliant due to two things. Tedder has made many short films, all good one might think, but it’s clear from his shooting and narrative style that leaping into the flow a feature requires has been tough because he’s got so used to a shorter time frame. The script is episodic in places, and the film could’ve easily been broken into shorter pieces as a series.


Sometimes the direction also lags in the dramatic department, and so fails at times to really emotionally engage the audience.  This maybe down to the second problem the film has, the fact that Tedder is wearing several job hats, which although tempting for any accomplished creative, is always a risky thing to do with a feature. The film can end up weak in places, which ‘Precognition’ is.

That said, there’s oodles of creative talent here, a fine sense of visual style and it’s a solid achievement. The FX, are also very good considering the budget. The film making is professional and the acting competent from everyone, but no one really grabs because the direction is just not strong enough.


If you love Sci-Fi, know film making, and how production works, this film is impressive, and it’s engaging enough for a Saturday night in. The score, by Shane Keen, also works well too, and increases the stylish finish ‘Precognition’ has.



Starring: Adam J Bernard, Vanessa Russell, Jessica Andrews,  Gareth Lawrence, Philip Ridout, Ben Probert   


Director: Luke Tedder

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