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Andrea Ricca Feature

Among the many cinematographic proposals available to the public today, including cinema on the big screen, films on streaming and internet platforms, the new collection of over twenty science fiction, adventure and fantasy films, with 3D special effects, which has already exceeded 40 million views online, obtaining reviews from the international press and selection in numerous festivals, is now available online for free.

Those who are passionate about science fiction, horror, fantasy and adventure movies, can enjoy these mini-films, with a maximum duration ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, on any device, from tablet to mobile, suitable for quick use on the web. The limited duration of the shorts has been specifically designed to create products that can be used on the web, as well as the fact that they are films without dialogue so that they can be immediately understood all over the world.

Filled with emotion and action, these films tell stories of fantastic events that upset the tranquility of ordinary people forced to fight for their lives. These films tell of alien invasions, fantastic monsters and paranormal events. Featuring live actors interacting with computer-generated creatures, these films are inspired by both classic and modern science fiction and horror from classic alien abductions to mutated animals of gigantic size to séances and contacts with the paranormal.

The films have exceeded 40 million views online and have received reviews from international press including Starburst Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, Scream Horror Magazine and many more.

A short selection.........

"ALIENS NIGHT", with 9 million views online, tells of an alien spaceship that arrives on earth near the house where a young biologist lives. Small gray aliens descend from the spaceship and enter her house, a real alien invasion! These classic big-headed aliens want to kidnap her but the girl, after a first moment of fear, decides to fight back and fight for her life. What will happen? There is certainly some touch of humor but above all an unexpected surprise at the end!

Watch it here:

"THE GIANT SCORPION" tells of a scorpion who becomes a giant and attacks a beautiful nerdy girl, a lover of horror films, who will have to use strength but also ingenuity to try to defeat the monster and will do so using an unusual weapon. Between humor and action.

Watch it here:

"THE AMULET OF FEAR", a tribute to horror in the style of Stephen King. In an old house a young girl finds an ancient amulet that has the magical property of making real the fears of its owner and when the girl begins to read a horror book by Stephen King entitled: "The Creature" the latter comes to life and begins to hunt him. The danger is imminent and not even the gunshots can stop the monstrous creature (completely made on the computer in 3D graphics) for this reason the protagonist will have to use all her wits to win her nemesis. Between thrills and action.

Watch it here:

For more great features check out the Official Website:

The films are now also visible for free on Amazon Prime Video (US and UK only)


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