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Added 20th February 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2018, Polterheist, two gangsters are given 72 hours to discover the whereabouts of a stash of drug money stolen by their boss. There's only one problem...they just murdered him.


Frantic to find the cash, the hapless criminals kidnap a psychic medium and force her to contact the dead gang boss. Unfortunately for them, they only succeed in unleashing an evil spirit bent on revenge.

Guns, Gangsters..........Ghosts

Polterheist, a British gangster movie shot in the style of Reservoir Dogs, with a touch of The Exorcist and a hint of The League of Gentlemen thrown in for good measure, all neatly packaged in a northern sense of humour tin.

Set in Bradford, Yorkshire, an excellent story develops and is bound together by real quality performances from all the cast, with a special "shout out" to Jo Mosley and her epic portrayal of psychic Alice and supernatural Frank, hats off we salute you!

With characters complimenting each other through the sometimes violent, brutal and yet very funny scenes and a seriously slick production providing the perfect combination, Polterheist is lifted onto another level...........another spiritual  level.

Polterheist, a cult classic in the making, very original, very bold as brass up north funny........someone please explain it to the southerners and get the subtitles ready for over the pond!

Highly recommended.......almost.....almost a gem!



Starring: Jo Mousley, Sid Akbar Ali, Jamie Cymbal, Gemma Head, 

Pushpinder Chani, Kev Curtin, Polly Lister

Director: David Gilbank

Polterheist is available now DVD and streaming on Prime.

Also catch it on the big screen this March in Manchester at the

Starburst International Film Festival.

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