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Party Bus To Hell aka Bus Party To Hell

Released in 2018, Party Bus To Hell........actually on route to the Burning Man Festival full of young revellers, breaks down in the middle of the desert, and to make things worse, the driver has disappeared, with the keys.

Apparently stranded in the middle of nowhere, the occupants soon become the centre of attention to a sick, twisted and murderous satanic group on a quest, a quest for the chosen one.

Trapped on the bus, the remaining survivors of the massacre must work together to escape the clan and their demonic chants. But who or what, is the chosen one?

Next stop party, or next stop death........

Party Bus To Hell (or Bus Party To Hell) from the outset oozes class. The general appearance and kick-ass soundtrack, puts PBTH or BPTH a class above its similar slasher/horror/gore relatives and almost to the level a high budget teen coming of age movie (American Pie-esk!). Adding the killings fuelled by the lust for blood and nudity (lots of nudity!), there's enough going on here to please most fans.

For anyone who has managed to avoid the many, many (annoying) spoilers out there, PBTH offers plenty of twists and turns to keep the viewer entertained and constantly guessing on which direction the movie will take. With cinematography of the highest level and excellent effects and performances, with a special shout out to newbie Stefani Blake, Shelby McCullough and ViDonna Michaels, ably assisted by the awesome Sadie Katz, makes PBTH a movie not to be missed.

Definitely for fans of the classics, the likes of "The Hills Have Eyes" or "The Wrong Turn" with touch of "The Wicker Man" thrown into mix.

Party Bus To Hell.........all aboard!!!  Enjoy the Ride!.


Starring: Tara Reid, Sadie Katz, Devanny Pinn, Stefani Blake, Shelby McCullough, ViDonna Michaels, Richard Hochman, John Molinaro

Director: Rolfe Kanefsky

With selected screenings and available on most VOD platforms from 13th April 2018, watch this space for more information or check out @buspartytohell for more information.


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