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 "There's nothing physically wrong with you" 


Added 18th March 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2019,

Painkillers, after a terrible car crash in which his son dies, brilliant surgeon John Clarke, tormented by guilt, becomes prey to an unbearable physical pain.


While his marriage starts disintegrating, John soon finds out that the only thing that can ease his pain is the taste of human blood. When he encounters Herb Morris, a man who claims he can help him get his life back, John embarks upon a nightmarish journey through which he will either have to come to terms with his pain...... or become a monster.


The cure is the curse. 

Painkillers, a movie that initially tugs on the heart strings from seeing parents (Huss and Zima) struggle with the unbelievable pain they suffer from the death of their beloved son, more so for the father who feels he is to blame for his departure. With the vampiristic element 

then developing in a format which is rather fresh, unique and entertaining with the introduction of Morris (Bowler), the curse then inflicted out of desperation to end his suffering is an excellent path for this feature to take.

With hats off performances from all, especially Huss with his expert portrayal of a father, baring his tormented, ruptured soul and Bowler, with his cool, calm and eloquent delivery of the "savior", accompanied by a very, very slick production, surely this feature is a gem.......?

Unfortunately for Painkillers, for every exceptional beginning and outstanding middle there has to be an ending........and that's what really lets this presentation down, it is just that, an ending.

With so much effort and passion put into sharing the pain and guilt felt by the main lead, the final result from the suffering and dilemma of living with "the cure" is quite, well for a bloody thirsty fantasy story unbelievable and far fetch.

Without giving away spoilers it is quite hard to describe and The B Club does recommend viewing, just so you too can feel the same pain, torture and disappointment at the end credits.

Maybe one two many painkillers were taken by all involved, somebody somewhere should have realized there was an issue, and more so fixed the issue and delivered on the gem that we expected.

Sick and quite angry to say, background viewing only...... 




Starring: Adam Huss, Madeline Zima, Debra Wilson, Grant Bowler, Mischa Barton

Director: Roxy Shih

Painkillers is available now on VOD

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