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Added 9th October 2018


Released in 2018 - 11 minutes


Having dreamed of the perfect wedding, Laney wakes up on her big day with a monster growing out of her neck, and "NeckFace" wants his big day too!

After spending so much money on chair ties will Laney still go through with it? Or will she find her happy-ever-after when she accepts her flaws and embraces her inner-Bridezilla? 

NeckFace, seeing Laney's perfect day slowly descend into chaos as her trusted entourage fumble around with weird and wonderful ideas to find a solution to her extreme problem, all whilst the pesky little blighter refuses to go quietly, is Great British comedy at it's finest. 

Excellent performances, genius comedy timing and writing make NeckFace a short not to be missed.



Starring: Isy Suttie, Sian Harries, Elis James, Nick Helm, Vera Chok, Di Botcher, Rhodri Evan, Sue Roderick

Director: Llanbobl Vision

NeckFace premiered in London at this year's Arrow FrightFest and played at the recent Grimmfest in Manchester.

For more information on future screenings, watch this space or check out the Official Website, Twitter or Facebook pages.

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