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Monsters In The Woods - Directors Cut

Re-released in 2016, Monsters In The Woods - Directors Cut, see's a micro-budget movie crew trekking into the wilderness to shoot horror scenes for their unsellable indie-drama.

They soon find themselves in the midst of their own real horror movie, as they are hunted down, by a large group of hideous monsters.


Will the cast and crew run, hide or stand together and fight the unholy beasts?

Monsters in the Woods, originally released in 2012, which in all honesty slipped below The B Club's radar, with the Directors cut only catching our eye after reviewing the very entertaining

"The Campus", another of Gas Money Pictures and J.Horton creations.

Having more time to develop the Directors cut, J Horton states "The structure is totally different, it was originally cut non-linear with all the BTS footage being used in the first half and the "real world" footage used in the second. In the newer format, it's cut linear and as the story unfolds (in my opinion), it makes more sense and feels better paced. It's how I wish it had been in the original".

MitW - The Directors Cut is a fine example of the quality of B-Movie that can be created with a micro-budget, limited filming

(8 days), and a very talented cast and crew.

The story flows with plenty of twists, turns and surprises, awesome creature effects (prosthetics), plenty of gore, good comedy (Mr Horton probably won't want to talk about some of it!) and epic scream queen moments.

MitW is at the heart of why The B Club was created so no doubt we are slightly biased, but if you like classic Monster B-Movies, give it a go before your grandkids tell you about it in 50 years time.


A Classic B-Movie in the making.


Starring: Glenn Plummer, Lee Perkins, Linda Bella, Edward Hendershott, Ashton Blanchard, Blaine Cade, Claudia Perea,

Gladys Otero, Curt Mega

Director: Jason Horton

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