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Released in 2008, Monster, Two sisters travelling to Japan to record a documentary about global warming, are caught in the midst of a horrendous earthquake, until they discover that it's something quite different.


Two (or Four) years later, the camera belonging to them is found and eventually released. Although some of the footage is destroyed (or so we are led to believe), what is discovered will change mankind.......forever.


Monster, a movie beyond your wildest imagination! However, on this occasion The Asylum have got it wrong, oh so wrong.


We have seen this format work well in the past, The Asylum are also not new to replicating movies on a low budget scale, generally quite well (Cloverfield this time around), never ground breaking but entertaining. What we have here is a great big black mark against them.


How this movie even got released is beyond belief! Surely somebody, somewhere said "hold on people, are we sure?".


One positive, the trailer, a belter! Well done, it gets the viewer on the hook and reels them in, but the wet fish is not on hook here.


BTW, changing the event date on the DVD, doesn't improve the film.


One to avoid we're afraid, rating for the trailer only.


Starring: Sarah Lynch, Erin Sullivan

Director: Erik Estenberg

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