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Mega Piranha

Released in 2010, Special Agent Fitch (Logan) is sent to Venezuela to investigate the assassination of US Ambassador Arnold Regis (Forsberg).  During the trip, Fitch meets Professor Monroe (Tiffany), who initially fails to convince him that man is not to blame for the ambassador's death, but a mutant strain of Mega Piranha!

Upon realising the truth, Fitch joins Monroe, not only to battle with the Mega Piranha, but also the Venezuelan army, led by anti US everything, Colonel Diaz (Labiosa).


Will Diaz bring down Monroe's UN supported facility ending all hope?  Can the Mega Piranha be stopped before their uncontrollable hunger drives them from Venezuela, onto Florida and potentially the world?

Mega Piranha, 88 minutes of blissful viewing, almost the perfect

B-Movie.  With intense filming and a perfect score, stunning locations and exceptional acting, we then have the joy of seeing martial arts mastery against the pesky blighters, underwater talking with scuba regulators, then buildings exploding for no reason, once they are hit by the Mega Piranha.  To end we are even entertained by Tiffany, singing at the credits.  What more could any B-Movie fan ask for?

Put it in your bucket list! 


Starring: Paul Logan, Tiffany, David Labiosa, Jesse Daly 

Special Appearance: Barry Williams

Director: Eric Forsberg

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