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Lonely Hearts

Added 31st December 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Lonely Hearts

Released in 2019

Lonely Hearts

Five singletons, on a quest to find love and companionship sign up for a new reality TV show with a difference. What they find is beyond their wildest expectations.


From their initial meeting with each other and the presenter, they are made to undertake activities that push them mentally and physically, encouraging them to split into two "teams" to force love to happen.


What transpires is more lust than love, with the ultimate winners being the viewers of the reality TV show being filmed.


Date, Mate, Eviscerate. 


Lonely Hearts, when reality TV goes bad........or for some, good?


With stereotypical introductions made, Big Brother style, the fun begins shot in a reality show style with BTS footage, which along with the truly epic performances by the cast, really adds to the belief that we are viewing an actual dating show. We even get the inclusion of personal logs from the "Diary Room", where true personas are revealed........but who will be the "Nasty Nick" and the character you love to hate........or hate to love?

With the host Patricia (Atkinson) holding the show together and playing a very apt McCall or possibly even Flack (allegedly!) role by manipulating the contestants to create a show with more drama and tension that the fans and producers will like and increase the viewing numbers.

Lonely Hearts at this point sounds all nice and fluffy and made for the fame craved generation, sat staring at their phones living life on the latest SM platform, yearning for more likes.......but don't be fooled, Lonely Hearts is "extreme cinema" which features uncomfortable 

scenes for some with male and female full frontal nudity on show and featuring some happy and not so happy tinky winky's.

As the story develops and as expected becomes darker and darker, the likes of BB or Love Island fans, if they happen to have stumbled upon this feature will have turned off in disgust, whilst fans of the genre will be glued until the bitter, twisted, and even darker finale. 

Lonely Hearts, could've potentially have been more "extreme", however it's an excellent Brit Flick Horror Reality TV feature with interest and then some.

lonely hearts
lonely hearts
lonely hearts
lonely hearts
lonely hearts


Starring: Martin W. Payne, Sue Dawes, Chris Mills, Alice Mulholland, 

Tyne Stewart, Sophie Atkinson, Simon Berry, Jackson Batchelor

Directors: Jessica HuntSam Mason-Bell

Lonely Hearts is available via Darkside Releasing.

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