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Released in 2015, Live-Evil see’s a strange evil entity, taking on various forms depending on the viewer, battling against a local towns police force.


Locking the supernatural effigy in the basement jail, doesn’t stop the effect on whom it already has and yet to encounter. Subjecting it’s victims to psychic attacks, turning them into raging freaks then organised zombies, with only a handful of heroes being less so effected, but for how long?


Who will win the unholy battle? That is of course if there are enough of the unaffected left to even put up a fight.


On paper and from viewing the trailer, Live-Evil could and should be a classic. With excellent cinematography, the initial introduction of the entity and curious cut away scenes, it really does get the blood running and heightens your senses for what joys are about to develop.


Disappointingly the story gets lost and by the end credits, the viewer is left feeling dazed and confused about what the previous 1.1/2 hours were all about. Instead of focusing on the star of the show, the entity, a wrong turn is taken around a quarter of the way into the movie, leaving too many questions unanswered.


The only hope is that the creators realise they are onto something special here. With a sequel in the offering being a definite possibility, it wouldn’t take much to turn this could have been, into a major success.


Don’t let this one get away, there is a classic brewing and waiting to be unleashed.


Starring: Charlene Amoia, Vladimir Kulich, Vincent M Ward

Special Appearance: Tony Todd

Director: Ari Kirschenbaum

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