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    "Why does a brown cow        give white milk when it         only eats green grass?"     

Jack And The Beanstalk

Added 9th December 2020

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

Jack And The Beanstalk

Released in 2020

Jack And The Beanstalk 

Giant Blunbebore is in a terrible rage. He shouts from above threatening to eat any villager who won't pay their rent. Poor Dame Trott has to sell her precious cow 'Buttercup' and sends her son Jack to the cow market. All he comes back with is a worthless bag of beans. Jill, the grumpy Squire's daughter is kidnapped by the Giants personal chef.


Will Jack be the hero, climb the beanstalk, rescue his girlfriend and save the world from the human chomping ogre. Only the magical Garden Fairy knows the answer to that.

If the answer to this question and others just like it plagues and keeps you awake at night, then, Jack And The Beanstalk is for you. Aimed primarily at a 5-10 age group and families, the story centres around Jack and his attempts to climb aforementioned beanstalk to slay an ogre, win the hand of Jill, save his mother’s cow and keep the roof over all their heads.

Due to the pandemic crushing live theatrical entertainment in 2020, a rethink was especially needed for one of this country’s oldest theatrical traditions, the Christmas Pantomime!  Bringing all that’s best about what the lively, colorful and fun world of Panto has delivered to UK families for hundreds of years, this production of Jack And The Beanstalk features some of Panto’s strongest supporters.


It is lead by comedy/theatre star Peter Duncan, who co-directs, writes WONDERFUL songs, and plays Dame Trott. He is supported a cast of enthusiastic and talented actors all daring you to enjoy what is a big slice of harmless and well put together fun with your children.

Produced by successful theatre producer, Denise Silvey, Jack And The Beanstalk is no tin pot production, retaining all the fun of the live stage with wonderful costumes. That needs saying again for all the jaded mums and 5 years olds, ‘the costumes are wonderful!’ and it is hoped, will lead to a revivalist, retro surge in Panto party outfits, for the under 7’s, preferably homemade!


The performances from all of the cast are brilliant and the staging is spot on. The special effects are imaginative and, well considering this is an ‘in yer face’ style of entertainment, very ‘in camera’ and amusing for a modern audience bored with computer driven effects.  

So gather your clan, fill them up with as many sweets and fizzy pop drinks as possible and enjoy the mayhem! As a last important point, it is also good to know this kind of ingenious production is supporting live theatre, until it can stage, (geddit? STAGE!!), a triumphant comeback when Theatre returns to the new normal next year.


B-Club’s tip? Make your own costume and switch on the subtitles to sing-a-long!

jack and the beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk
jack and the beanstalk


Starring: Peter Duncan, Ian Talbot, Sam Ebenezer, Sarah Moss, Nicola Blackman, Jos Vantyler, Yuval Shvartsman, Josh Freeman, and the last but Oscar worthy roles, Julia Gale and Chris Redburn who played ‘Buttercup’ the FABULOUS panto cow

Directors: Peter Duncan, Ian Talbot

Jack And The Beanstalk is playing at Everyman Cinema, also check out Panto Online for more information.

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