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I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Released in 1990, Birmingham biker Noddy, thinks he's grabbed a bargain second-hand Norton motorcycle, unfortunately for Noddy, this bike has a history.

Fear of crosses, a reaction to garlic and death by the sun......oh no! Noddy has just bought a vampire motorcycle, it is such a lethal machine, running on blood instead of gasoline.

Whilst stalking the West Midlands streets at night, feasting upon Hell's Angels, streetwalkers and traffic wardens, Noddy becomes suspicious and enlists the help of a local priest to exorcise his right, to ride in the light.

With a title as bold as I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle, big things should be and are expected of this B-Movie. With the high standards set, the majority of the cast and crew from the classic UK TV series "Boon" were entrusted with bringing this creation to life - and boy did they do a good job!

It's genius comedy writing, with belly laughing, rewind and watch again moments (get ready for the toilet scene and unbelievable toilet humour), a great story - it's a motorcycle, a Norton motorcycle, that's also a vampire!? Literally! You couldn't write it, but they did! And it's a classic good versus evil story, sort of....

In the end, we even get the teaser of a day, oh one day please!!

IBAVM truly is a Great British B-Movie Classic, put it on your bucket list.


Starring: Neil Morrissey, Amanda Noar, Michael Elphick, Anthony Daniels

Director: Dirk Campbell

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