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soy toxico I am Toxic

Added 23rd August 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

I am Toxic (AKA Soy Toxico)

Released in 2018

I am Toxic

A man wakes in a world ravaged by biological warfare with no memory of his previous life. Upon witnessing bodies being thrown from the sky, he is saved by a stranger from the attentions of a flesh eating crazy....once human being.

Taken prisoner by his savior and fondly named Dog by his savage companions, he faces an insane and bloody race to survive.

Soy Toxico.....face your worst nightmare.

I am Toxic, an Argentinian futuristic apocalyptic Badlands feature that screams of quality offering a production value to be envied by most. 

With a mysterious stranger providing little information, his "savior" fills in the blanks and speaks of dried beings ruling the wastelands and feasting on whatever meat is what we have here is

Mad Max, meets The Walking Dead, meets the Hills Have Eyes...... okay settle in, this is going to be a ride.


The ride that follows, sadly is not as fast and furious as the trailer promises. Whilst the story is pretty good and quite unique (even with mash up detailed above), with excellent cinematography and costumes to die for......the film is let down by its pace.

In addition, one of the main disappointments especially with this review are that many spoilers are too easily available for this feature. Anyone who knows The B Club knows that this is one of our a pet hates. On this occasion even the official synopsis gives away way too much information with the epic trailer providing just about the right amount of detail to entice you in. If you can avoid the spoilers, I am sure that I Am Toxic would be a totally different and much more enjoyable experience, examples........ "The Sixth Sense", "Crying Game", "Avengers Endgame", mention anything about the latter and it's game over! 

I am Toxic is an enjoyable feature but could've been so much more, if like our friend it was viewed from afresh with less knowledge being available.

I am Toxic
I am Toxic
I am Toxic
I am Toxic


Starring: Esteban Prol, Horacio Fontova, Sergio Podeley,

Gaston Cocchiarale, Fini Bocchino, Veronica Intile

Director: Pablo Parés

I am Toxic received it's UK Premiere at Arrow Frightfest and is also playing at Night Visions (Finland), BIFFF (Belgium), Fantaspoa (Brasil), Rotterdam IFF (Netherlands), Rojo Sangre (Argentina),

Mar Del Plata (Argentina)

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