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House On Elm Lake

Released in 2017, House on Elm Lake, is the new home for a  couple and their young daughter, hoping to make a new start and leave behind past issues. Their new home however, also has a has remained empty ever since the brutal, ritualistic murder of a family years ago.

Soon, a dormant evil is awakened, a possessive force that has preyed on unsuspecting families like theirs for centuries, and it's here to stay.

House On Elm Lake, a British horror movie with too many obvious comparisons to name.... there's a remote cabin, in the woods, next to a lake, evil forces, demonic possessions, invisible "friends", Ouija board, even a flesh bound book, and the list goes on and on.....

So are too many similarities and comparisons to some of the classics a bad thing? Not necessarily so, especially in the B world.

The scene is set from the initial introduction of the already detailed "brutal, ritualistic murder of a family years ago", which really is as quoted, quite brutal and excellently shot, this should and does set the tone for the rest of the movie.

The main story then unfolds in a fashion aimed at keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. Slowly but surely, the tension builds with plenty of "creepiness" and "jumpys" to keep you engaged, taking you all the way to quite an epic and horrific finale.


Excellent cinematography, effects, audio and performances, with a special a shout-out to the two main leads Becca (Hayley) and Andrew (Eric), lift the feature to a level way above its humble budget.

Not a classic in itself, but more than worthy of a watch, if only to play "spot the classic".


Starring: Becca Hirani, Andrew Hollingworth, Faye Goodwin,

Lorena Andrea, Tony Manders, Kate Lush, Oliver Ebsworth,

Tara MacGowran 


Director: James Klass

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