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Hellitosis : The Legend Of Stankmouth

Released in 2017, He creeps... He crawls... He sh*ts! And when five unsuspecting people stumble upon his domain, he sets out on a quest for victims, leaving a trail of unspeakable (and stinky) carnage in his wake.


He's Hellitosis, and he's a crazed killer with a unique physical condition that gives new meaning to the term "potty mouth".

Are you ready for Hellitosis? He's ready for you and he's been brewing and is ready to explode.


HTLOS, a creature like no other, definitely unique. Not for the weak, not for the squeamish and not for a hangover!

Whilst HTLOS is entertaining with unexpected twists, it doesn't quite hit the mark. When it's funny, it's belly laugh funny, but in between it's unfortunately more Yawnville than Tromaville.

Non spoiler highlights are the killer tracks, especially at the end credits and the credits themselves, with humorous quotes making you want to watch until the end, but that says everything about this B-Movie.

HTLOS, promises so much, but it's just a bit of wind....gutted!

Background viewing for true B-Movie lovers only.


Starring: Tanese Gray, Ed P. Rico, Sarah Bell, May Marcinek,

Brett J. Miller, Valerie Mulligan, Mike Viglione

Special Appearance: Lloyd Kaufman

Director: Robert J. Mulligan III

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