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Fried Barry

Added 30th January 2021

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Fried Barry

Released in 2020

Fried Barry

Whilst out on yet another bender, drug-addled abusive bastard Barry is abducted by aliens, who assume control of his body and take it for a joyride through the seedier parts of Cape Town.


What follows is an onslaught of drugs, sex and violence as our extraterrestrial tourist enters the weird and wonderful world of humankind.

Barry.........a bum, a drug addict, a terrible partner and a lousy father, but apparently an ideal specimen for an alien to use as a host body for its tour of planet earth.

With the seed planted from the short in 2017 of the same name, Fried Barry has developed remarkably considering the already high quality of its award winning predecessor.

The alien, assuming by dumb luck, has picked a true character in Barry for their jaunt, impeccably portrayed by Gary Green who's remarkable performance is captured perfectly, especially considering the lack of Barry's dialogue.


As we join the possessed Barry on his escapade, we are introduced to a whole array of characters from the aforementioned seedier parts of Cape Town and nightlife, each one taking a special interest in our Barry, and each one being affected in their own way after being in "his" presence.


Fired Barry's cinematography is out of this world! The story is mind boggling and the audio, oh a dream of a soundtrack......big fish little fish cardboard box! Well done to everyone involved and congratulations to Director Ryan Kruger on a truly EPIC first full length feature presentation........


Fried Barry, the violence the sex the drugs, a story that takes you in directions you didn't even know were possible..........a celestial trip! 

Fried Barry
Fried Barry
Fried Barry
Fried Barry


Starring: Gary Green, Chanelle De Jager, Bianka Hartenstein, Seddick Tassiem, Sean Cameron Michael, Jonathan Pienaar

Director: Ryan Kruger

Fried Barry received its UK Premier at the EPIC Grimmfest 2020 festival and deservedly won the Best Cinematography award.

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