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For Her

Released in 2017, Jonathan and Elizabeth are deeply in love. But their relationship is tested when Elizabeth becomes afflicted by a devastating illness.


Follow Jonathan's emotional journey as he struggles to deal with inevitable tragedy, and discover what lengths he's willing to go to, For Her.

Reviewing For Her is a definite challenge for The B Club. Firstly, with a running time of 20 minutes, including credits, developing a connection with the onscreen characters is difficult. Secondly, the trailer doesn't give too much away of the end product, so a review with no spoilers (our promise) is very difficult.

Having said the above, this short is enjoyable and viewers will find themselves watching a (mini) movie that was not expected. Shot with an incredibly low budget, the look and feel of this project is to a very high standard, reminiscent of an episode from the classic "Tales Of The Unexpected". It would be interesting to see For Her given a full length feature release.

In summary, very enjoyable but it feels like you are watching an extended trailer, however definitely worth 20 minutes of anyone's time.


Starring: Derek Nelson, Kattreya Scheurer-Smith, Natasha Killip, Mari Beaseley

Director: Daniel Mark Young

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