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Echoes of Fear

Added 10th February 2020

Review by: Martin Tranter

Echoes Of Fear

Release in 2019

Echoes Of Fear

A young woman encounters ghosts in a house she inherited from her grandfather. The tormented spirits lure her to the basement where she discovers the buried victims of a prolific serial killer.

Evil hides inside.


Echoes of Fear follows Alysa (Robinson) heading to her beloved grandfather’s house after his very abrupt death. From the opening scenes the viewer is shown that something is not quite right and the house begins to feel very closed in.

Echoes of Fear begins at a slow pace drawing you in and feeling the suspense that the main character feels with little creaks and noises that houses make. As she and her friend Steph (Race) learn more about the house then the suspense and scares ramp up after the opening half hour.

There are many credits for this independent horror. The camerawork is solid; the pace of the film moves along keeping the viewer with it and the score complements the scares and thrills perfectly. The acting is consistent from all involved with Trista Robinson excelling as the main focal point with Hannah Race providing a great support.

There are some mysterious characters throughout leaving you thinking how and where they fit in with all that is going on within the house.

The paranormal horror is very well done and there are genuine jump scares, which I am not afraid to say, sent a shudder through me twice which goes to show how invested we become in a good story.

Turn off the lights, turn up the sound and just make sure you’re not holding a drink for too long! Echoes of Fear is a claustrophobic paranormal chiller to make you jump and leave you feeling haunted!

echoes of fear
echoes of fear
echoes of fear
echoes of fear
echoes of fear


Starring: Trista Robinson, Hannah Race, Paul Chirico, Marshal Hilton

Directors: Brian Avenet-Bradley, Laurence Avenet-Bradley

Echoes Of Fear is available now via Jinga Films.

Check out the official Website, Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest.

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