"Shit.....shit, shit, shit, shit, shit"  

Added 20th February 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2019 (Runtime 12 minutes)


Two strangers trapped together in a slowly dying, the other dying to escape.


Ed has just attempted suicide and his life is slowly bleeding away. Alice has obsessive compulsive disorder and is torn between her desperate phobia of blood and her overwhelming desire to save a life. 

Down, a British short dark comedy with a powerful message.....OCD, mental health and suicide. Usually The B Club shies away from reviewing such titles with time dedicated to promoting said features 

rather than critiquing, as the message is and should be much more powerful than what in reality is a meaningless rating......Down breaks that cycle.

With a formidable cast assembled and such a short short, Down wastes no time with an immediate introduction of the two unfortunate unfortunates (Donohoe and Eeles), stuck together with their own and 

each others ailment and their a lift.

For 12 remarkable minutes, the two leads provide great chemistry, feeding off excellent creative comedy writing, with an epic if all too brief appearance from the great Paul Barber, what's not to enjoy? Then back to the message with a touching thought provoking moment on the final credits.

Down, The B Club is proud to review, and promote. An excellent feature that'll make you chuckle.......and think...... #awareness #timetotalk #mentalhealth



Starring: Amanda Donohoe, James Eeles, Paul Barber

Director: Garry Crystal

Down is currently on the festival tour, keep an eye on the official website, Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest.

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