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 "You just swung a fucking knife at my head!" 

Devil's Path

Added 22nd March 2019

Review by: Greg DeLiso

Devil's Path

Released in 2019,

Devil's Path 


Two strangers meet in a wilderness park where gay men cruise for sex. But what starts as a possible hook up, quickly evolves into a dangerous cat and mouse, battle for survival.

They were warned.....

Nothing seems quite right with these two guys from the word go.  But, the performances are convincing. 


Devils Path is a psychological thriller; two characters, the woods, rising action with life or death stakes. It all could have been shot in a 100 square foot patch of woods, in fact — although, I don’t know if it was.  The color palate is natural and the photography is elegant and static, then, predictably, handheld and chaotic in moments of tension. The style is refined, restrained, almost non-style, economical, but pretty.  A nice variety of shots, but nothing flashy. 

In between the movements of the plot-chess-pieces, we are given a dialog-heavy, morality play. I enjoyed the way it all unraveled, releasing the emotional subtext in parcels along the way. Although, many of the actual plot developments were predictable. And, sometimes the pontifications about the meaning of love are a little insufferable.  

The performances kept this movie intact for me.  I found the depth of story interesting and was genuinely curious to learn more about the characters and their relationships.  I liked the direction of the two leads and the deliberate pace captured me.   

Devils Path is an accomplished, polished piece.  Perhaps overly ambitious in its philosophical waxing but compelling as a straight drama.  Check this one out.

Devil's Path
Devil's Path
Devil's Path
Devil's Path



Starring: Stephen Twardokus, JD Scalzo, Steve Callahan, Jon Gale

Director: Matthew Montgomery

Devil's Path is available now on DVD and VOD;

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