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  "Let’s hunt some motherf**king ghosts "  

death of a vlogger

Added 3rd September 2019

Review by: Martin Tranter

Death Of A Vlogger

Released in 2019

Death Of A Vlogger 

An ambitious vlogger experiences the dark side of the internet when his latest video, which features an alleged haunting, goes viral.

He wanted followers........something followed.

Death Of A Vlogger centres on a serial vlogger Graham (Hughes) set in a mockumentary style. He goes viral when one of his posted videos contains a haunting caught on camera and then it shows the reaction of his fans and the internet world when they see it.

The story expands and brings in other characters such as Steve (Kondracki) who plays a ghost hunter who is more interested in how many followers he has on social media.

His girlfriend Erin (Logan) tries to support him through everything and then there is Alice Harper. Alice (West) is an investigative journalist whom tries to find explanations for all that happens in said hauntings. She is the wittiest and most sarcastic character.

Death Of A Vlogger seems to be more of a commentary on social media than trying to be an actual scary/horror movie. Yes, it does seem to be doing a Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity impression and there is one actual jump scare but you cannot help but feel there is just something missing in this film.

Average with the odd nice touch

death of a vlogger
death of a vlogger
death of a vlogger
death of a vlogger


Starring: Graham Hughes, Annabel Logan, Paddy Kondracki,

Joma West, Stephen Beavis

Director: Graham Hughes

Death Of A Vlogger received it's World Premiere at

Arrow FrightFest 2019.

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