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Death By 1000 Cuts

Added 11th August 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Death By 1000 Cuts

To be released in 2019 - 26 minutes 24 seconds

Death By 1000 Cuts

Walking in the woods one night a horror vlogger, Johnny from "Johnny's Horrific World Of Horrors", watches a young woman from a distance when from out of nowhere, two men grab and kidnap her. Johnny decides to follow them to a house at the edge of town.

As a vlogger, Johnny's first thought is not to call the cops, but to rush home, grab his trusted camera.......and return to the house and film what develops........for his fans.....who yearn for something more......extreme.

Death By 1000 Cuts, a short with a very intriguing title which may sound a little one dimensional.......but you would be wrong!


Shot in a format that never (or rarely) fails when watching a horror film, that being hand held camera, and in this case being a stroke of genius as it adds to the "realism" and really does disguise that fact that this is very low budget feature, although you wouldn't know it!

As we follow Johnny as he enters the house, the tension and uneasiness grows, especially when we see the extreme torture and suffering upon several unknown victims, we then learn the reasons why their torturers, do what they do. Continuing our journey, Death By 1000 Cuts starts to really show off! Firstly inspired by Ed Gein's interior designer with very "special" trinkets on display and EPIC home decor, credit to the obviously super talented James Bell, secondly the cast, Koocher who plays our victim Christina puts in a very strong performance and Berjohn (The Torturer), who's dialogue may not be extensive but somehow manages to fully expose us to the madness he holds within.    

But there's more..........the twists...........

Death By 1000 Cuts is a serious piece of work and I would love to see as a backed full length feature......gloriously gory, credibly creepy and bloody believable! Oh boy, hope we've just not praised a SNUFF Film!?

Sam Salerno, hats off sir!

death by 1000 cuts
death by 1000 cuts
Death By 1000 Cuts
Death by 1000 cuts


Starring: Rosie Koocher, Brett Burrier, Aaron Berjohn, Art Roberts,

JC Sullivan, Jimmy Applewhite

Special Appearance: Sam Salerno 

Director: Sam Salerno

Death By 1000 Cuts is coming soon to DVD via Toxic Filth Video.

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