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  "Rock 'N' Roll"  

Dead Air

Added 16th November 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Dead Air

Released in 2019 (Runtime 16 minutes)

Dead Air

On a plane travelling to a final gig, Monster Kitten, an all female punk rock band, are joined on the flight by some nasty little creatures with all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet.

Dead Air, a British Short straight out of the "how to make an epic 80's creature feature" manual.

Cutting straight to the chase on the introduction with an excellent animation sequence, really kicks this feature into gear and brings you fully up to speed on the time wasted here on this 16 minute short.

As we are introduced to all the characters, predominately led by the all female punk band and their chance taking manager, it's not long before the action starts with the little critters causing havoc and putting gremlins in the system that would cause any snake on a plane to grab the nearest parachute and leg it!

Fast paced and action packed, ably accompanied by a kick-ass soundtrack featuring Pantychrist and Erica Nockalls that leaves you feeling hungry for more as this 16 minute feature flashes past in it's all too short life.

Dead Air, a very entertaining short that deserves to be full length feature...........MONSTER KITTEN RULES!


Starring: Stacy Hart, Charlie Bond, Kate Davies-Speak,

Johanna Stanton, Dan Palmer, David Schaal, James Hamer-Morton

Director: Geoff Harmer

Dead Air is currently on the festival tour including Horror-On-Sea festival early 2020. Check out the official Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up to date.

dead air
dead air
dead air
dead air
dead air
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