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Day Of The Stranger

Added 7th November 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Day Of The Stranger

Due for release in 2020

Day Of The Stranger

Caine Farrowood is a bounty hunter who works under the control of ruthless kingpin Loomweather. One day a bounty retrieval goes awry and Caine is left for dead. Just when he thinks his life is over he mysteriously awakens back home to the comforts of his wife Christina.


Baffled and confused by how he got home Caine insists on finding answers, but before long he is enlisted in the retrieval of another bounty, a bounty that is huge and may cost Caine not only his sanity, but maybe his life.

Day Of The Stranger, the only British guerrilla-shot homage to the relatively short lived acid-western sub-genre, predominantly shot in the UK, Kidderminster, West obvious location!

Upon initial viewing, Day Of The Stranger feels like it's going to be a long journey. Being an ultra low budget (ULB) feature shot in the UK, it would be and is difficult to capture on screen a gritty wild wild west vibe that the viewer could buy into and believe that they've been transported into this epic era.


Whilst the action scenes and practical effects are excellent and the cast do their best with typical cowboy-esque performances, no doubt Strepsils sore throat lozenges by the stagecoach load were needed on set for some of the gravely and raspy speaking characters, Day Of The Stranger just feels like it is, a ULB western shot in the heart of the UK........but then.........

Just as hope is about to disappear behind the setting sun horizon, Day Of The Stranger goes through a remarkable transformation, and that transformation is called the Stranger! Similar to Rodriguez's "From Dusk Till Dawn", it's almost like everyone involved realized part way through filming that maybe a gritty western filmed in the heart of the UK is not the best idea in the world..........let's go psychedelic, Jim Morrison and "The Doors" psychedelic, "Natural Born Killers" psychedelic......let's go acid western, just with a ULB......and boy does it work. 

With the transformation complete, the feature takes a turn towards the unknown, providing thought provoking visuals, remarkable audio, and an edgy story that pays real homage to the acid western, changing the viewer from going on a long a mind bending ULB trip!

Day Of The Stranger, sometimes GOOD, sometimes BAD, but definitely not UGLY.

Day of the Stranger
day of the stranger
day of the stranger
day of the stranger
day of the stranger


Starring: Dale Sheppard, Gary Baxter, Maryam Forouhandeh,

Gary Shail, Richard Rowbotham, James E Taylor, Baz Hancher

Director: Thomas Lee Rutter 

Day Of The Stranger is due for release early 2020 and will be screened at the epic Horror-On-Sea Film Festival Jan-20.

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