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Added 12th August 2018

Darken / Darken: Before The Dark

Released in 2018, Darken, a parallel universe made up of endless, maze-like rooms, its inhabitants protected by the watchful eye of it's altruistic overseer, Mother Darken.

When an outsider (Eve) comes to the aid of a stranger, she finds herself propelled into the violent world, lost inside the labyrinth with no apparent way of escape.

Eve becomes entwined in a bloody revolutionary battle between the self-appointed voice of Mother and the other worlds courageous warriors, concerned over the future of Darken, and Mother Darken.

Can Eve find a way back home without facing certain death? Will Darken provide?

Darken, a mini series (Darken: Before The Dark) and a full feature length presentation, both shot with a small cast, very limited special effects and filmed within the relatively restricted confines of the set, creating a prison like environment and considering the genre is science fiction, it's a brave direction to take.

Rather intelligently, for starters the journey begins with a free to air prequel mini-series (33 mins), which is a stroke of genius! We observe a brief insight into the world of Darken, before the dark with the inhabitants living in peaceful harmony, never wanting, never needing.


Using a single still camera (big brother style), we are privy to some seriously excellent performances (maybe more suitable for what would be a really good live stage show) which lay down the foundations and to be fair, lift the level of expectation for the main course. 

So then, onto the main, Darken, which does provide but what the cast and crew deliver is a remarkable sci-fi release (again, considering the lack SFX). Offered with much more of a creative freedom, skillful camera work and quality theatrical score, no doubt riding on the back of the success of the "Before The Dark" series. Again, epic performances deliver a very powerful story, told for the majority from the strong female leads perspective all the way to the dramatic ending.

Both Darken: Before The Dark and Darken should definitely be added to your watchlist with The B Club advising to watch the prequel first, this is however not necessary for the story, but recommended to obtain a better understanding of the true message that Darken provides.......and the series is free, so why wouldn't you?

Darken, indeed does provide which just leaves you wanting a dessert, will it come? Maybe......but don't miss out on the palate cleanser offered at the end of the credits on the full feature. 

THE B CLUB RATING :  B b b b b

Darken: Before The Dark


Starring: Jodelle Ferland, Christine Horne, Ari Millen, Paul Amos, Emmanuel Kabongo, Annie Briggs, John Tench, Laura Nordin 


Starring: Bea Santos, Olunike Adeliyi, Ari Millen, Christine Horne, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Jon Mclaren, Zoe Belkin, Paul Amos,

Rob Archer, Craig Henry, Jason Gosbee, Gabrielle Graham, Tate Yap

Director: Audrey Cummings

Darken: Before The Dark is available for free HERE courtesy of YouTube

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