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  "Have you always had this 

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Criminal Audition

Added 8th July 2019

Review by: Jane Alexandra Foster

Criminal Audition

To be released in 2019

Criminal Audition

A bent, but rather brilliant Lawyer and his cronies set up an underground organisation which, for a very, very high price, will find someone to take the fall for any crime, however dark, however terrible.


Naturally in the twisted world in which we live, they soon have a client, ‘fee’ agreed. Then the auditions begin to find a criminal to fit the heinous crime the perpetrator has committed, with a line-up drawn from a group of usual suspects and habitual low life.


However, a story unfolds over one night of such macabre dimensions, and dark depravation, that come morning, will challenge the criminals, lawyer and perps to their wits end just to survive.

‘Crime does pay after all…’

Part horror, part psychological twister, part black comedy ‘Criminal Audition,’ is the funky brain brat of comedy writer/actor Luke Kaile, and first-time feature maker, Samuel Gridley. Enthusiastic, mad cap and dark all the way through, ‘Criminal Audition,’ follows the sensible ‘one location’ structure route.


So, good start gents. The directing is spirited and shows great promise too. Gridley clearly has the time for his actors, having given over the camera to the competent hands of Richard Osborne, who with several credits under his belt is the ideal choice. Well covered, well shot and framed, not much lighting, but then the ‘look’ is not what this micro budget baby is about.

It’s raw, crazy and show-cases the talents of all the actors involved, who clearly are enjoying every minute. Clever in its conception, although the script sometimes reaches beyond what the writers are capable of yet, which loses the audience in places. The plot appears a bit muddled, due to not enough expert feedback, and engaging with the characters is sometimes tricky. However, this is sometimes what happens when short form writers stretch to a first feature, so all in all, a good achievement.


There’s such a good will from everyone involved that the film is carried through. Snappy performances from all the actors, but especially by Noeleen Comisky, who plays a mean, mean lady, and Jonathon Burteaux, who elicits a fair bit of sympathy with the conflicts his character faces, and deals with it well.

A good little flick for a Friday night with mates, It ain’t no looker but it’s got fun written all over it.

Criminal Audition
Criminal Audition
Criminal Audition
Criminal Audition
Criminal Audition


Starring: Noeleen Comisky, Rich Keeble, Angela Peters,

Rebecca Calienda, Scott Samain, Luke Kaile, Jonathan Burteaux, Blain Neal,  Cameron Harris, Ben Scheck, Karen Broughton

Director: Samuel Gridley

Criminal Audition recently premiered at the Prince Charles Cinema, look out for further screenings on the festival tour. 

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