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Released in 1987, Creepozoids, set in the then not too distant future of 1998, see's a desperate band of nuclear survivors seeking shelter from deadly radioactive rain. 


They stumble across an abandoned under ground science complex, once home to a government experiment into genetic engineering, but for what purpose?

Hunted by a hideous creature and a giant rat, they play a deadly game of hide and seek, but will they survive until it is safe to leave their deadly safe house?

If anyone asks what is the definition of a B-Movie, Creepozoids is the answer.  The creature effects obviously took most of budget, hence the movie taking just over two weeks to film!

With creepy halls and ventilation shafts adding to dramatic moments, excellent fight choreography (you will constantly find yourself shouting "it's a puppet!") and a music score that screams of 80's action Creepozoids won't disappoint.


Starring: Linnea Quigly, Kim McKamy, Richard Hawkins

Director: David Decoteau

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