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  "Dad, why did you write to me?"  

Come To Daddy

Added 23rd August 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Come To Daddy

Released in 2019

Come To Daddy

An urban hipster, Norval, faces major daddy issues in a coastal Oregon, when he receives a surprise invitation to visit his estranged father’s remote cliff house.

Nervous and desperate to impress his uncaring dad, Norval stretches the truth about his life until finally his father’s growing animosity reaches a dark fever pitch.

Come To Daddy, opening film at Arrow Frightfest 2019, a prestigious honour indeed.......but is it the right decision.....?

Firstly we are introduced to Norval, a strange looking yet interesting character, perfectly played by Wood, and possibly correctly noted as being a career best performance, it's definitely up there. Upon meeting his estranged father in his very elegant surrounds, Norval obviously keen to impress, begins by bragging about his exotic career and lifestyle.......oh how proud Daddy must be. 

As the bonding session continues between father and son, never as the phrase "roller-coaster ride" been more apt with both discovering more about each other with epic consequences. For some, this phase of the feature may seem at little slow, but trust me, get through this and you will not be disappointed by what develops.

With remarkable twists and turns to tantalize the taste buds, Come To Daddy takes you in directions that you do not it a horror, is it a thriller, is it a'll have to check it out to see!

Come To Daddy, an glorious story, a delightful production and a fitting start to Arrow FrightFest. It may not have longevity, but on first time viewing, it's a bit of a cracker!

Come to Daddy
Come to Daddy
Come to Daddy


Starring: Elijah Wood, Stephen McHattie, Garfield Wilson,

Madeleine Sami, Martin Donovan, Michael Smiley

Director: Ant Timpson


Come to Daddy received it's UK Premiere at Arrow Frightfest 2019

and will be available on DVD and Digital HD early 2020 courtesy of

Signature Entertainment.

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