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    "Reject the cosmic      sperm if you choose" 


Added 19th August 2020

Review by: Shaun Jackson


Released in 2020


The lines between reality and fiction, and good and bad blur when both a nihilistic detective and a serial killer's affairs with a young mysterious girl overlap.

Choke, a short yet interesting synopsis which doesn't give too much away, however what it does do along with the film poster is draw you in and raise your interest and intrigue levels.

Introducing Jeanie, who on first viewing seems quite sweet and innocent........first impressions couldn't be more incorrect as her unhealthy interest in choking and sexual asphyxiation soon rises to the surface along with her interest in older men, and the correct word is men as she partakes in a dangerous "love" triangle with Robert and Brandon.

So the story is set, but what proceeds may not be what you expect....... firstly the usual structure of a start, middle and ending isn't followed as we are guided by narration and a series of "cutaways", some explained and some not, some past, present or future, some real or fantasy? Then there is the film itself and the "sexual" content, to be honest a stereotypical sexual thriller is what was expected.....wrong again.

What the next 1 hour and 13 minutes provide is pure and 100% exhilarating viewing, cinematography to die for, stunning slow motion cutaways, all supported by an exceptional soundtrack, we then move to the cast. Relative newcomer Brine, shines as our not so sweet Jeanie on her dark journey, and as for Butler and Ryan, detective Robert and serial killer Brandon, the portrayal of both their characters is mind blowing! Fights with inner demons, displays of such pent up aggression and rage, uncontrollable emotions of tormented and tortured souls, and then some, but which displays which.........

The supporting staff are also much more than supporting, each and everyone one adding to the dark, twisted and engrossing story. 

Choke won't be for everyone, sure there's content and having such a random structure that requires your full attention is not "easy" viewing, however if you're a fan of visually stunning features and films that are art on screen and don't follow the "norm", this is for you.

Choke, is it it fantasy.....whatever, it'll leave you breathless.



Starring: Shane Ryan, Scott Butler, Sarah Brine, Lisa London,

Sal Landi

Director: Gregory Hatanaka


Difficulties during the initial release and promotion of Choke have been widely reported, however one wonders as to what level these digital algorithms are working on. Sure the poster "looks" threatening and to some distasteful, especially when the subject matter is sexual asphyxiation, however put the movie alongside the likes of John Wick 2 for example, which is more offensive? Anyway, rant over.....Choke is available now via most streaming services including Prime in both the USA and UK........for now!

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