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  "You gotta make it perfect"  

Chasing Perfect

Added 19th July 2019

Review by: Shaun Jackson

Chasing Perfect

Released in 2019

Chasing Perfect

A singular, charming portrait of Frank Stephenson, one of the most influential car designers in the world, whose designs range from high-concept hypercars such as the McLaren P1 to everyday city vehicles as the iconic new Mini, all the way though to his current revolutionary design of flying taxis.

Chasing Perfect, a documentary about the life and times of iconic car designer, Frank Stephenson, chronicling his love of all things wheels, and then some.

Chasing Perfect will obviously attract a niche audience with stunning sights and sounds of super cars, an EPIC behind the scenes look at the intriguing world of concept design, and an intriguing insight into the sometimes peculiar (yet when you hear him speak about it, it makes sense), inspiration to Frank for his glorious designs.

So cars are not your thing, then how about a very personal story, of a young man, loved by his parents, fast tracked into adulthood, coping the pressures of life, choices (how much for a fish??), and family bereavement, all whilst being the brains behind new designs at the likes BMW, Ferrari and then McLaren.

Still no, then there's the future. Discover how Hammerhead Sharks could be the secret behind the maybe not so futuristic world of flying cars........ we did say "peculiar inspiration", even Doc Brown didn't see that coming in the future where "we don't need roads".

Chasing Perfect, an excellent feature on a very interesting and charismatic man, with a small crew providing real quality visuals (especially around Jay Leno's, just wow!), who maybe could've put more care and attention into certain aspects of the audio when it comes to the dialogue. But that said, it may not quite perfect, but it comes pretty damn close. 

Chasing Perfect, it could be more your thing than you think......

Chasing Perfect
chasing perfect
chasing perfect
chasing perfect


Starring: Frank Stephenson, Jay Leno

Director: Helena Coan


Chasing Perfect is available now on all major VOD platforms, courtesy of 1091 Media

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