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Added 3rd September 2018

Chameleon Shadow

Released in 2017, Chameleon Shadow, when darkness is attached and dreams haunt the head, an alternative source of relief can be found in the darkest of places by an unbelievable being, the elusive Chameleon.


Cameron, a young photographer seeks relief from recurring nightmares, and the Chameleon cures him. Little does he know the side effect is the realization of his nightmares materializing in the real world.

Chameleon Shadow, would you make a deal to be released from your nightmares?

Initially, Chameleon Shadow may sound like a budget version of "Freddy" with things of nightmares becoming a reality, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

From a classy orchestral introduction with real quality visuals, Cameron (Mills) guides us through his troubles and story so far, all in a very impressive and personal manner. With initial expectations raised and interests high, we then get the visual effects of the shadows, truly jaw-droppingly bad.

When The B Club normally states in a review from a micro budget release that the effects are bad, this generally is a good thing, after all 99 times out of 100 it's what makes a good B-Movie a "better"

B-Movie, isn't it? However, Chameleon Shadow does manage to make the impossible possible by actually lowering the entertainment value of what is honestly an excellent feature.

Effects aside, a gripping story unfolds where we witness the  consequences of Cameron's actions and the affect it has on the world around him and his friends, taking us to deep and dark places until the very end.


Chameleon Shadow.....oh if it wasn't for the effects! But still a worthy watch.      



Starring: Sam Mills, Kirsten Caron, Louis Burkhardt,

Glenn Aupperlee, Claudia Bethers, 

Director: Sam Mills

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