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"How about a ride to Hell?"


Added 6th February 2019


Released in 2016,


CarousHELL, introduces us to Duke, a carousel unicorn, who hates his job. He has to let kids climb on his back and ride him for hours every day.


But one kid has finally pushed him too far. Duke breaks free of his carnival hell and embarks on a bloody rampage of revenge on humanity.

Step right up and die!

Every so often a movie title and synopsis comes along that is worthy of an Oscar alone, and CarousHELL certainly ticks all the boxes, but does the movie live up to expectations?

Well there is Duke, the prettiest goddamn unicorn in the world, with an appetite for vengeance and a humour darker than his wicked intentions. His onscreen presence truly is remarkable considering his limitations as he embarks on his quest for blood and death.

Although Duke is the star of the show, he is closely followed by the supporting cast, who's performances and sometimes intimate interactions with the mythical beast along with some VERY impressive practical effects make CarousHELL a comedy horror not to be missed.


Obviously for B-Movie lovers only........unless you're feeling brave.......or curious...........#love_scene.




Starring: Steve RimpiciSé MarieHaley Madison, Chris Proud,

P.J. Gaynard, Teague Shaw, Steve Rudzinski 

Director: Steve Rudzinski

CarousHELL has been re-released through Wild Eye releasing and is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime via the links below.


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